Do What Works

Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided the weight I'm carrying is too much for me.
I got a good look at a picture of myself, from the back, and thought, OH NO!!!! 

February 20th, 2018, I said enough is enough. My health is good, but my body, is not sexy. So, I made changes in my eating and exercise.

  • No more Coca-Colas or Sweet Tea
  • Limited Coffee Intake 
  • Increased exercise to 2x per day
  • Increased water intake
  • More grapefruit juice 
  • More grapefruit
  • More fish 
  • Eliminated red meat (except ground beef for spaghetti, which I only have once a month) 

I want to encourage you to do what works. It is a great benefit to you, your body and your life.
Below is the regime I started and still do. I'm going into April calling it the DIAMOND MONTH.
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